Fill your funnel with Prospects Automation

Buyer Intent

Zymplify’s buyer intent data campaigns deliver account-based insights at the level of an individual. Mine the public web to deliver hot leads.
Website Reveal

Turn anonymous website visitors into real contacts. Provides the exact contacts you want to reach out to within the identified company.
LinkedIn Reveal

Our LinkedIn reveal allows you to upload a list of LinkedIn URL’s and matches those to real contacts providing data on your LinkedIn targets.
G2 Crowd Reveal

Our G2 reveal product turns company data into real contact level data, enabling you to automate outreach to prospects.
Zoom Info

Upload prospects straight fr[m your Zoom info account and send on automated journeys.
Import Data

Import your existing data into the Zymplify platform. Automatically match column headings to the correct properties on your Zymplify database.

Our enhance product will enhance your existing database with any additional information we can source on your contacts.

Do you require fresh B2B Data? Our prospects product allows you to create new marketing lists based on your chosen persona.

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