Convert as many leads as possible with Zymplify.

The sales hub has everything you need to manage your leads through to a sale.


Create multiple pipelines and set up a unique sales flow for each one. Automatically assign incoming leads to a pipeline.

View and create activities relating to your sales efforts as they happen. Submitted activities, e.g., sales calls or demos get added to the Activities area.

All sales activity numbers can be viewed here. Review how well your sales have progressed over time and by channel.

Monitor the success of your sales team. View deals won by individuals over a particular time period, filterable by date.
 Website Tracking

Easily track all the visitors to your website and landing pages in one place, using the website tracking area. Identify anonymous website visitors easily.
Email Templates

Create and view your personalised sales emails and documents and send them from the Zymplify platform, all at the click of a button.

Identify which months and channels perform better for your business, to show you if you need to adjust your marketing strategy.

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